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4 Steps to Take Before Buying a House in Abuja

Buying a House in Abuja

Abuja is the Beverly Hills of Nigeria; a beautiful city where big things happen every day, attracting a lot of tourists and visitors. Many times, things that start off as tourism ends up as migration because Abuja is a big and beautiful place to stay and explore, living the good life. The next big thing on every migrant’s mind after moving into the city is to settle down and buy a good house or even build one, just anything to avoid paying that insane thing called rent! But buying a house in Abuja city comes with lots of processes and payments.


Here are 4 wise steps to ensure a seamless and rewarding purchase:

  1. Have a budget

Buying a house is not something that comes as an impulse, it’s a conscious decision that requires a budget. Having a budget is like the perfect road map to buying a house in Abuja because you already know just how much you are willing to spend and that translates into knowing the kind of house you are going to get.


  1. Inspect, investigate and appraise the property

Because in a matter of months or even weeks, the property would be transferred to your name, don’t just leave everything in the hands of an estate agent, visit the house to be sure its in good condition and for security reasons too, some areas are just not safe. Arrange for an appraisal for the provision of an independent estimate of the value of the house, just so you know if you are paying a fair price for the house.


  1. Verify the documents

Its Nigeria, so you have to be smart, before you seal the deal of a new house, ensure that it is registered as a government acquired property and if there are pending litigation on the property so you can live in Abuja peacefully. Verify every document for authenticity, go with a lawyer if you have to.


  1. Make payment and collect all receipts/documents

The last phase of your deal, make all payments with your lawyer. Be careful not to leave any receipt behind, every document that went into the purchase, important things to note are: deed of assignment, letter of allocation, affidavits, contract of sale, purchase receipt, deed of gift, letter of administration and every other thing that would get you out of law and government troubles.

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    Hello,can you please give a breakdown of payments for the 4 bedroom duplex and the initial down payment.


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