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7 Things To Check During Home Inspection

Home Inspection

It is that time of the year when we go all out to get new things for ourselves. From new clothes to shoes, bags even a new house is not left out. The excitement on our faces when planning to spend the holidays in a new apartment cannot be over emphasized. So we get on the house market to hunt for our desired house, go for home inspection then settle for a choice that we can call home in the nearest future.

Most times we are all caught up with the excitement of the house architectural design and not give much attention to house quality or miss out on some other important features that would enhance the day to day living experience.

To make sure we don’t leave anything out during home inspection, below is a checklist of what to look out for during inspection.

  • Check the foundation both in the rooms and outside. Are there any apparent cracks or tree roots eating into the foundation?


  • When was the roof last replaced? Check for any signs of leakages.


  • For the electrical fittings, is there any obvious sign of electrical malfunctioning? Are the switches, junction box and circuit box in good shapes?


  • Check sink, toilet, faucets, tub or shower for any plumbing To ascertain if there is proper flow of water around the house, turn all the faucets on and flush the toilets at the same time.


  • Ask around if insects such as termites are a major problem in the area.


  • Can you detect any foul odour? Ascertain if the odour could be fixed.


  • Try to open all windows and doors to know if they are rusty, stuck or bad.

Here are other things to consider inspection.

With these tips, you are sure to cover all house parts that need to be inspected without leaving anything out.

Wish you best of luck in your house hunting!


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