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Room Colour

Apart from the aesthetic values that colours add to the beauty of a room, room colour also contributes to our psychological behavior. However, feelings for different colors are most times personal and shaped by our experience, culture and our immediate society. For instance, some cultures in Nigeria perceive color red as evil and therefore, discourage their people from using or associating themselves with red or any of its shades.

Even with the personal interpretation of different colours, it is still pertinent to find the right shade of colour for different rooms in your home. Before going further into the effects of different colours, it is essential to note that lighter colours in general are expansive and airy making the room look larger and brighter while darker colours are sophisticated and warm thereby giving larger rooms a more intimate and cozy appearance.

Taking a closer look at the most intense colour RED, it is believed to easily stimulate energy and promote liveliness. It is a happy and stimulating colour.  Red is suitable for the dining room and living room as it brings people together to and triggers communication.  However, the colour increases blood pressure and heart rate.

room colour


Moving on to the royal colour PURPLE, a rich and creative colour that symbolizes royalty and wealth. It gives the home the look and feel of luxury. Purple is said to be good for all rooms but since it stimulates the creative part of the brain, we should think twice before using it in our bedrooms so we don’t end up working when we should be resting.

Room colour

Unlike colour red, BLUE is a colour that lowers blood pressure, respiration and heart rate. It has this calm and relaxing effect. It is considered good for bedrooms and bathrooms because of its serene feel which aids sleep and provides calmness.

room colour

GREEN is a natural colour that has a calming and relaxing effect. It refreshes the body and good for unwinding after a day’s stress. Green is a suitable room colour for virtually any room of the home.

Room ColourIf you want your room to shine bright like a sun and communicate happiness, then you should consider YELLOW. It is very welcoming and energizing and will make your kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms very bright. However, the other side of yellow is that it stimulates anger and frustration. Therefore, it should be used minimally or preferable go for softer shades.

Room Colour

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