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Own a real good piece of Abuja.

One of the best places to own real estate in Nigeria, is Abuja! And one of the best locations in Abuja is off airport road. if you work and live in Abuja, it is not just a mere choice to own a house, it’s a necessity! You just need to own a house of your own to thrive in the midst of Abuja huge rents! Even if you don’t plan to live in it or are not living in Abuja. You still should own a house in Abuja. Put it on rent.

Today we present to you an opportunity to own one or more houses in one of the choicest locations in airport road, Abuja. Kanma Homes phase 3. Located along the Airport road, near Voice of Nigeria. It has easy access to everywhere; including nearness to the international Airport, a 12 lanes “go slow” free road to the City Center, proximity to shopping malls, etc.

You can own a piece of Abuja

Here are some of the house options available for sale off plan in the estate or you buy land and we build to your budget and taste.

Option 1: Completed Houses

4 Bedroom Terraced Duplex


4 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex


5 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex


Option 2: Payment Method

30% down payment. Balance spread over 18 months. Houses are available for habitation, within 60 days of last payment.

Land for prototype houses

(This is the most chosen method)

Buy land for the prototype and we Will build your house according to your budget & internal finishing specification.

4 Bedroom Terrace


4 Bedroom Fully Detached


5 Bedroom Fully Detached


Payment Method

100% down payment for land. House is built with a plan to complete it within 24 months.

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