When undertaking the construction of a house, as a new homeowner or first time builder, there are a lot of things you need to be aware of, and if you are using a developer, a lot of your worries are already assuaged because the developer will be there to carry you along step by step. 

Here are a few of the uncommon tips homeowners miss or don’t consider when trying to achieve their dream houses:

  • Laundry room?

Lost in the desire to own a house, account for all the bedrooms, toilets and whatever pleases you, many potential homeowners forget some things as basic as where they will take care of their laundry. It would be wise to factor in space in your drawings for such an amenity. Now we all work with a budget when building our houses, and if you’re working with a strict budget, you may not be at liberty to sacrifice so much space to just the laundry. So you can get creative about it, especially if it’s just your washing machine in question. You can either fix the machine into your bathroom or if you have a spacey kitchen, you can have the machine fixed into the kitchen and it would still look presentable and neat.

  • Where will the tv go?

Before all the electrical wirings get done in your house, make sure to already have a vision for your dream sitting room and where you will place your tv to achieve maximum comfort. It is best you don’t have to start cracking through your walls to adjust the placing of your sockets when you were involved in the construction. It is also advisable to have a second choice, just in case you feel the spontaneous craving to watch your tv from another direction. You must, however, be prepared to shoulder the costs of any extra requests you make outside of the original structure of the house

  • Stairwells


This aspect, for those building duplexes, is always a tricky aspect with builders. What most forget is that humans will not be the only passengers of their stairwells. It is advisable to account for enough movement space on the stairwell and landing areas for things like beds and other large inanimate objects in the drawings of the house.

  • Measurements and tiling

Still, on the aspect of measuring, right from the casting of the DPC and setting out of blocks to raise the walls, the measurements and balance of the building should be strictly monitored to achieve the best results. This will later reveal itself in the form of a step down between rooms on a floor in the case of bad balancing and poorly aligned tiles as a result of tiny shifts in measurements of a room in the building. One of the easiest ways to know this is when the very last line of tiles in room vary in size between the first and last tile of the row

  • Straight walls


In order not to have a house that seems like its closing in at the top when that’s not the design or a house that spreads outwards as it goes upwards, it’s essential to monitor the stability and erectness of the walls being raised up. Sometimes we find ourselves rooms that look smaller or bigger (depending on which way the walls slant) than they actually are. The other side of that wall is either borrowing or stealing that space. So to avoid such and maintain the appropriate balance, it’s important to either supervise or hire a supervisor that maintains the quality you hope to achieve.

  • Burglarproof


We pray for safety at all times and wish for a safer environment, but we must also ensure that we treat our safety with importance. The choice of the metal used in fabricating the burglar-proof is very important, as well as the spacing between the bars as they are meant to keep things out and should sufficiently fulfill that purpose. An allowance should be given between windows and walls to allow the firm implantation of the burglar proofs. It is also advisable to fix the burglar proofs earlier on to avoid a messy finish.

Building your own house may sometimes not be an easy task, but if you know what to look out for and what to avoid you will end up very satisfied with what you have achieved. 

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Article, written by Chibundu Kanma